A Bit About Us

Lynette and Richard

Hi, we are Lynette and Richard. Lynette’s Parents bought Chalcroft Cottage in the 1960s as a derelict house and set about renovating it. Once the family had moved in, Lynette was lucky to get a pony called Ace who lived in the paddock and stable you camp on today!

In the early 1980s, once Lynette had left home and the pony with her, Howard and Bess (her parents) had to think of something to do with the paddock. Howard had retired from the motor trade by then, so had some spare time for fill.

As caravanners themselves who used Caravan Club Certificated Locations rather than commercial sites they decided that they would try setting up a CL in the paddock, and Chalcroft Cottage CL was born!

When Howard and Bess passed away in the early 2000s Lynette took on the task of running the CL and making improvements to the site. Her partner Richard converted the stable building into the shower and toilet block you see today. Richard and Lynette planted the orchard and wildflower area at the far end of the site to encourage wildlife and help bees and other pollinators.

A local beekeeper keeps bees at the far end of the site. They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them! Don’t let small children venture down here as they will not be aware of bee etiquette!

The CL is still an “off-grid” site. The electricity to the cottage comes in overhead and the supply is insufficient to extend to Electric Hook-ups on site. To put in a whole new supply would not be financially viable as a CL. Batteries can be charged at no cost and lots of people use solar panels or generators to top up their supply.

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