Welcome to our Certificated Location!

Chalcroft Cottage has been a certificated location since the early 1980s, originally owned and run by my parents, Howard and Bess Goldsmith.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take over the CL in 2001 and have been running it since, latterly with my partner in crime, Richard. He is the person most likely to meet and greet you on your arrival on site, charge your batteries and mow the grass!

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us and please let us know if there is anything you need help with during your stay.



As we go into 2021 in Tier 5 we are all wondering what the rest of the year will bring. Here at Chalcroft Cottage we are looking on the bright side that once the better weather gets here and many of the most vulnerable are vaccinated we shall be allowed to open as usual. We are governed by the Caravan and Motorhome Club rules so if they say yes then we shall.

We are accepting bookings now from May onwards. Obviously we will all have to bear in mind that on our side or yours these bookings may need to be cancelled or postponed in the event of a lockdown at the time of the booking.

We hope to see our regulars and some new faces too in 2021.

Keep safe! better times are coming.

Lynette and Richard


We have only just been told that we can re-open the site from 4th July 2020 and have been putting things in place ready for you to visit safely. Please see here a list of the procedures and protocols we have put in place:


Please pay via Bank Transfer before arrival. We cannot accept cash or cheques and do not have a card reader


On arrival please either call or text us on 07752 076142

We will note your arrival and call you to book you onto site

Please use hand sanitiser:

  • after opening the gate
  • before and after using the fresh water tap
  • before and after using the Chemical waste emptying point
  • before and after using the rubbish bins


All dogs MUST be kept on the lead at ALL times on site. This is for the benefit of other site users, and to prevent spread of any virus/bacteria. Please clean up any dog waste as soon as you see it. There is a dog waste bin just by the public footpath.


This is very important

It is vital that you sort your recycling efficiently from your general waste. If the general waste bin provided is full you will have to take your waste home with you as we can only use 1 bin per week. This is not a problem if waste is separated from recycling. We have had to sort through the waste bin and put recycling into the correct bins ourselves if people have not done this, but you will understand that we are not willing to do this at this time. We will rely on you to sort it properly into the correct bin.

We are very lucky to be able to mix all types of recycling in one bin and can recycle a large variety of items. Please use this list as your guide


Whilst this has now been relaxed to 1-metre+ we would ask that you observe the 2-metre distance between other caravanners on site. Please bear in mind that you will all come from different parts of the UK and any infection could spread countrywide in this way. We know you are a sociable group of people, but until we are sure the virus is not coming back please take this extra precaution. This also applies to any children onsite. They are your responsibility!

We cannot allow any visitors onsite who are not part of your booking. Please do not invite friends or other members of your family onto the site at this time for bbqs or socialising.

If you should become ill whilst on site your whole party must remain in your caravan or motorhome and inform us by text message or phone on the mobile number provided for further instruction.

If you are taken ill before you set off please let us know and don’t come! You cannot self-isolate on a CL.


Unfortunately, we will not have these open initially. We hope the guidelines will change soon and we will open asap.

Failure to follow these rules may result in you being asked to leave the site immediately.

Looking forward to seeing you all again

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to the site on 4th July. We are already getting quite booked up! The sun has been shining ever since lockdown here, but the last few days have been very windy! not the best weather for awnings.

For up to date weather forecasts check out AccuWeather here

To watch the live webcams of Bognor Regis Beach and see what the weather is like right now go here

Booking up Fast!

As we become booked up we shall let you know here!

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